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trying to pick out a wedgie in public


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When you crack jokes about straight people, you do exactly what you claim we do. Hipocracy

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i keep you guys from getting married and make it physically unsafe for you to exist bc of your sexuality?? i make u in constant fear of rejection by others do to factors out your control??

Ok don’t get me wrong I support all you gays and lesbos but whoa, turn down the crazy.
Really, not all straight people threaten your safety, close minded asshole.

the fact that you can even compare a physical danger to a joke on tumblr by saying “not all people threaten your safety” speaks a lot to your character

not all gay people make jokes about straight people

who’s still more unsafe??? let’s see um

yeah still gays

Literally people are so dramatic. TONE DOWN THE CRAZY.

Gay people are victims of hate crimes, sure.


ok first of all you’re the only one talking in all caps here so if there is someone who needs to take a chillaxative it’s really you with your basic-ass url

second of all black people do in fact “whine and bitch” about the unfair treatment they have only it’s not “whin[ing] and bitch[ing]” because if someone’s being treated unfairly they have the right to speak up just like you’re doing right now

it’s only really “whin[ing] and bitch[ing]” when no real damage has been done to you and your people (aka you and the heterosexuals)

Ok look I don’t mean to start a gay uprising.

Just saying. You’re life is threatened because your gay by very few people. How many people have actually tried to kill you because you dig guys? My guess would be ZERO so acting like your life is in danger is whining and bitching.

And yeah I get that you are rejected by some people but that can happen to anyone for any reason. You don’t see everyone else complaining about being mistreated when they’re really not. The Olympics have had homosexual houses for ages. That’s not mistreatment, actually.

omg this is a joke right? you’re joking aren’t you? you’re being ironic right? lmao because this is literally such a hilarious argument

"rejected by some people" lmao yeah some people like the United States congress and heads of major religious foundations and entire nations and hundreds upon hundreds of corporate companies

"my guess is ZERO" lmao yeah just because i live in a highly liberal neighborhood totally means that if i’m openly gay in public I won’t still be shunned and/or beat lmao yeah I also don’t know anyone like my friend named Lisa who was killed in the state of mississippi for coming out to people she thought were friends not to mention the stunning amount of teenage suicides lmao lmao lmaoooo

"you don’t see anyone else being acting like they’re mistreated" lmao yeah racism and sexism also doesn’t happen

"it can happen to anyone for anything" lmao yeah because getting rejected romantically is all homosexuals have had to face in their lives lmao homosexual people aren’t rejected marriage and children and home ownership and even access to public facilities because they’re homosexual lmao

please tell me you’re on some level of irony because that is the most poorly crafted argument I have ever seen

I though it would never happen, but my boyfriend had his fucking face beaten into a wall for being bi.
Are you asking us to gain some kind of right before we can complain about oppression? Our arguments aren’t valid until we get jumped in an ally or hang raped? Do we have to travel to Russia and suffer what our brothers suffer there to gain the ability to fight for our rights?

You guys keep arguing, it’s kind of amusing, but at the end of the day you can call me a faggot and I can call you a straightee and we both know who wins in that situation.



I fucking LOVE earth day Im going to stick a TREE up my ASS

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When your girlfriend tries to hold your hand before marriage


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tips on how to properly enter my room:

  1. do not

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ghost hunters: can you communicate with us
*door creeks*
ghost hunters: oh so your name is william